Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

(CNN)Abu Dhabi’s glamor-filled 3-day Grand Prix is soon coming up.

Those who have the chance to make it there should expect some very lavish parties, big performers as well as massive price tags.
Are you not going to be visiting the United Arab Emirates’ capital during this race weekend?
There is still plenty of great race-related fun to enjoy.
Here’s what you need to know.

The Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Take adrenaline, fast cars, glamorous humans, 60,000 fans as well as some very big-name bands.
Mix it all up together in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.
Throw in a random and free citywide entertainment festival as well as a string of sexy mega yachts.
The result is the city’s yearly Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, running from Friday to Sunday, November 25-27.


Ultimately, the F1 brings a highly epic and sexy buzz to Dubai’s usual calmer next-door neighbor. For anyone who really wants to see this capital in all its sexy awesome glory, November is a great and prestigious time to go.
But there’s a heck of a  lot of engine-revving adventure to be had all year round.


Car Manufacturer Saving Cyclists

If you ride your bike most days, then you understand the sensation of continuously preventing risk at every turn. Even with helmets and devoted bike lanes, well over 40,000 bicyclists are hurt or eliminated every year. Thankfully, Toyota is working to make the lives of bicyclists simply a bit much easier by including hassle-free bike ramps to all automobile doors!

That’s. Gone will be the days of unsightly car-on-bike accidents. From now on, whenever a Toyota chauffeur unthinkingly opens their vehicle door into the course of a bicyclist, the rider will strike the cutting edge devoted security ramp and release approximately 15 feet in the air!

Take an appearance at how Toyota prepares to make this precaution work:

Photo Courtesy of Best Car Insurance in Laguna Hills, CA 

Awesome! And bike commuters can rest simple with the understanding that each and every single Toyota produced from now on will be dressed up with this fantastic function.

Toyota likewise released a brief news release:

The engineers of the Toyota Motor Corporation enjoy providing a ramp function enhancing the experience for everybody on the roadway. Rather of dealing with an opened door or possibly lethal sideswipe, bicyclists will now be released well into the air and are motivated to do a tail tap or perhaps an 180, must they wish before being securely gone back to the ground.

We can’t wait. Streets are no longer simply for vehicles. Ideally, all car makers will follow Toyotas lead on this one.

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10 Guidelines For Buying a Used Vehicle

Source: Flickr

1) Know a little about pricing before you buy a used car. Franchise dealers that sell utilized vehicles add a specific portion on the initial worth of the used vehicle in the market. Markup is likewise contributed to the rate of the used car at dealers, which will make the cost higher.

2) Identify the numerous elements that impact the pre-owned car prices. Used vehicle pricings are affected by installed optional devices or the area where you are buying the used automobile.

3) National Automobile Dealer’s Association releases a copy of utilized car rate guides every year. You might likewise inspect their web website to examine the present costs of the used cars you are looking for.

4) It may also provide you guidelines on discovering quality utilized cars at lower prices. You might visit Federal Citizen Information to find out the guidelines in purchasing used automobiles from federal government auctions.

5) Check out the Internet. There are a great deal of web sites that supply pricing guides on utilized cars and also standards in finding the right used vehicle for you. You may compare prices; take a look at the functions of the utilized vehicle and the place where you can buy less expensive rates.

6) If you have a fair offer with the cost that is provided to you, identify. Factors that affect utilized car rates such as the age, market demand, total condition, outside, interior and mileage imperfections or if the car was maintained well.

7) Numerous dealers plan on the habits of customers when purchasing secondhand automobiles. Dealerships understand that buyers will not purchase a secondhand vehicle unless they feel that they are provided a price lower than the original rate. Exactly what the buyer does not know is that the reduced rate is really the initial cost of the vehicle.

8) Franchise dealers that sell used vehicles add a particular percentage on the original worth of the utilized automobile in the market. Used vehicle pricings are impacted by installed optional devices or the place where you are buying the used vehicle. There are a lot of web sites that provide prices guides on utilized cars and likewise guidelines in discovering the right used car for you. You might compare costs; check out the features of the utilized car and the place where you can buy cheaper costs.

9) Aspects that impact used car costs such as the age, market need, overall condition, interior, outside and mileage blemishes or if the automobile was kept well.

10) Check with your Oregon insurance agency. Car insurance rates can vary greatly, so know how much it will cost to insure your vehicle of choice before purchasing it.